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Power the onchain ecosystem of AI Game Development through your own virtual node

Reach gamers on their turf

Focus on building engaging games and let us bring the communities to you.


Mini app enabled AI games


Multiplayer simulataneous onchain games inside a Discord room


Directly new gamified web3 experiences on X

Development infrastructure

Build AI enabled mini games that focus on building web3 communities and viral web3 growth

Customizable and Scalable AI

Beyond leveraging existing models, Anomaly invests in scaling its own LLMs. This includes dedicated servers for model training and fine-tuning capabilities, allowing for unprecedented customization and innovation in game content and interactions.


Diverse AI Applications

From generating dynamic game narratives to crafting responsive, AI-driven characters, Anomaly’s flexible AI infrastructure supports a wide array of gaming functionalities, making each game uniquely engaging.


Layer 3 Roll-Up Infrastucture

Complementing our DePIN infrastructure, Anomaly utilizes roll-up technology to enhance scalability and efficiency, ensuring that our blockchain can handle the high demands of gaming and AI computations without sacrificing speed or UX.


Model Agnosticism Focus

Our platform's ability to integrate and scale various LLMs, facilitated by dedicated servers and fine-tuning capabilities, allows us to create highly personalized and evolving gaming experiences.



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